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【Double 11】Latest Insights for the Double 11 Shopping Carnival & 10th Anniversary Celebration
Post time 2018-11-5 17:17:04 | Last replied 2019-4-4 02:43:43 | From China 楼主
【Double Eleven Insights】
2018 Tmall Double 11 Shopping Carnival has started!!! Surely there will be the biggest discount in a year for your save!!! And now most merchants have started the【Pre-Sale】from which you can get good offers before Nov 10th 22:00. We have collected some useful information for your reference and help you understand more about this Chinese Black Friday below:
l  YouTube video about shopping experience
Molly, an agent from the shopping agent company has shared us with her shopping experience from the Tmall Double Eleven Shopping Carnival. “You need to add products into your shopping cart in advance, in case you miss them”, molly said. And she stayed up whole night from Nov 10th to Nov 11th, succeeding in getting what she need. Click Here if you want to know more about her story!
Click below to watch ↓
l  Details and views about the Tmall Double 11 Carnival
Many people may have a common question about “what is double eleven”. Here are the answers! Double Eleven Shopping Carnival is known as the Chinese Black Friday. You can get the biggest discount in a year from Tmall, Taobao and JD and else. Also, there are many promotional rules which will be hard for your understand. Therefore, we have made them simplified and direct for your choice:
【Double 11】For New! What is Tmall Double 11 carnival?
【Double 11】Pre-order now! Get the Best Double 11 Savings! From this post you can choose the hottest items from Superbuy and enjoy the parcel forwarding service here:
【Double 11】Pre-sale for 2018 Double 11 from Tmall & JD & Superbuy
l  Best-buys from Double Eleven Carnival
There are thousands of millions of products online, resulting in the hard choice for what to buy. Now you don’t need to worry about this. We have collected many Best-buys from Tmall and Taobao with best offers here:
【Double 11】4 must-buys for official workers during the 2018 Double 11 carnival!
【Double 11】Pre-sale Top 4 best gifts for your lovers!
【Double 11】Top 5 Best-buys from Tmall Double 11 Carnival!
【Double 11】Top 3 categories with good value from Tmall Double 11 carnival
l  Superbuy Offers for the Chinese Black Friday
After you have decided what to buy, you can come to and start the shopping agent or parcel forwarding business. We help you delivery your goods worldwide. Here is the way:
And to celebrate the Double Eleven Carnival, Superbuy will also provide good offers and high rebates for customers. Here are some Top stores from Superbuy:
【Double 11】Top 4 Choice from CHRROTA brand for Tmall Double 11 Carnival
【Double 11】6 Digital Recommendations from Yanzhiyoo during the Double 11 Carnival
【Double 11】7 Best Choices for the Coming Autumn and winter in 2018
Finally, welcome to us and find the latest news about 2018 Tmall Double Eleven Shopping Carnival. And we are here for your answers!!!

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