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Customer Service|Worry-free Shopping Experience
Post time 2018-10-31 23:35:01 | Last replied 2019-4-4 02:43:51 | From China 楼主
Our mission is to exceed your expectation, stress free from your shopping journey, and bring you the best e-commerce service.
24/7 Bilingual Customer Hotline
Superbuy is pleased to have a responsible customer service team who never fails to solve a customer’s problem or request.
Superbuy’s customer service team is trained professionally to develop a proactive service awareness for effective communication. Our24/7bilingual customer hotline will be ready to solve all your problems before, during and after-sales. As the leading e-commerce service provider, Superbuy makes sure you have a perfect shopping experience during the Chinese Black Friday.
One-to-one Expert Service
Our expert service handles customized requests, source quality suppliers and offer a full tracking service from order of a product to delivery. All that said, we will charge only 10% of the total orderas the service fee(minimum CN¥10 per order).
CEO Mailbox:
If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free toemail directly to theCEO mailbox.

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