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Post time 2018-10-31 23:35:28 | Last replied 2019-4-6 22:27:15 | From China 楼主
. As our business continues to expand, Superbuy has a significant increase in the number of users. In order to upgrade our warehouse service and capacity, we have established a new warehouse in South China (March 2018). We hope that the new warehouse can bring you new experiences, quality services and finally, a wonderful Chinese Black Friday shopping journey. ..

Service Upgrade 1: Quality Inspection— High Definition (HD)Photo Service .

The HD Photo Service allows users to better understand the physical attributes of the products. Not only that we offer high definition photos, we can also provide detailed photos of product measurements, different angles and customized requests according to the specific needs of users.
. 头图.jpg

.. Service Upgrade 2: Packing- More Efficient, Accurate and Safe ..

We introduced a new assembly line which is 20% faster than the existing one in terms of storage processing efficiency. Hence your parcel can reach you faster than before. Our new “airbag inflator" will prevent you damage due to rigorous shipping. Meanwhile, laser measuring instruments are introduced to gauge the weight and size of each parcel accurately to two decimal places, which makes the shipping cost more transparent to users. Other than that, we have other hi-tech instruments that weigh, and pack products and contribute a smart warehouse.


. Service Upgrade 3: Warehouse- Large Storage Capacity .

Warehouses are very likely to reach their full capacity during big online shopping events. However, our new warehouse which is 300% bigger than the existing one has made it possible. Meanwhile, our warehouse team will work on shifts from day to night during the event. By then, we will be able to double the daily operations efficiency. . 仓储.jpg

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