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Chinese literature 诗经 via Superbuy: Thank you Raymond, Jason, Kenna...
Post time 2018-5-27 03:20:00 | Last replied 2019-1-8 18:14:09 | From Singapore 楼主
An email sent to Superbuy; as well as abridged from my post on under ... thank_you_superbuy/ Hi, dear Superbuy: CEO (Mr Gong Haixing) & management (Miss Angel & Miss Polly & Mr Jerry) (*The fact that I, as an end user and customer, can personally thank even the CEO and his management team, speaks a lot to Superbuy's personal authentic and sincere customer service*) Staff (including but not limited to) Superbuy Customer Service, (as exemplified by Miss Kenna), Logistics & Supply chain experts (Mr Jason) Purchasing specialists (Mr Raymond, Miss Phoebe, Mr Jimmy) Customer care specialists (Miss Angelina and Mr Blanker); I thank you! It is with much pleasure I express so after making my purchasesx  Order No:DO18553488908, Order No:DO18553488908 and  Order No:DO18553511846. And thank you for introducing me to the rich culture and literature of Chinese civilisations spanning 5000 years. 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg But, first and foremost, taking a step back to look at the bigger picture: I would like to express my appreciation and extend my compliments to Superbuy team led by CEO Mr Gong Haixing (a legendary man, no less) with his management team in adhering to Superbuy's strategic vision, tactical implementation and operational execution, especially in making Superbuy Super Customer Service one of your salient, sustainable and striking unique selling points and business propositions. I dare say that Your customer service orientation is not an academic exercise or moot point. Superbuy is really remarkable. Online platforms and sellers all beat their chest in proclaiming to offer customer service, promising to customers the moon & the stars; even snow in summer; warmth in winter. Yet, most ended up paying merely lip service to their empty promises. While others over-promise and under-deliver; Superbuy looks beyond the trees to see the forest. The entire cuistomer service is UNPARALLELED and the entire value chain of operations RELIABLE, EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT. Where others failed, you succeeded in consistently exceeding expectations (from before-sales inquiries, to actual purchasing/procurement, to attentive warehouse inspections (including photos (free by default though one can opt for HD and detailed photos), to careful handling & storage; to EXCELLENT repacking & reliable (yet price competitive) shipping; to even responsible after-sales service). Indeed, Superbuy does not meet customers' needs/ Superbuy exceeds customers' needs & wants. Consistently, no less. Continuous, without fail. Thank you. With your 24/7 chat line and direct email to CEO (from whom I am pleasantly and gratefully surprised to receive replies CONSISTENTLY within 48 hours (often at the nocturnal unearthly hours past midnight) personally penned by the CEO himiself with his replies which were (no less) sincere, authentic, receptive, patient, relevant and direct replies which are certainly not scripted / rehearsed / canned / cookie-cutter template and definitely neither patronising nor superficial). THANK YOU. You do walk your talk, and talk your walk. You can check my records. I am an individual shopper buying for my own leisure and hobby needs. Within a mere 7 months since becoming a new user at the end of 2017; I am, into my 40th plius+ parcels made up of various individual purchases) purchased, inspected, stored, repacked and delivered SUCCESSFULLY, RELIABLY, EFFECTIVELY, EFFICIENTLY (and WITHOUT breaking my bank) Sorry I digressed. Coming back to the main point of this email, which is compelled after THREE CONSECUTIVE DAYS (more like, after midnight) of steadfastly, unfailingly and unwaveringly professional service rendered by your Customer Service staff who toil tirelessly yet enthusiastically and sincerely round the clock 24/7. To Miss Kenna, I thank you very much for your time, attention, helpfulness, patience, knowledge, professionalism, and initiative. Of course, I thank you for not refusing to give up and even more so in attending to the challenging inquiries and exacting requests made by a long-winded, demanding and irritating customer (me, yours truly). Thank you. This is especially so when you still sounded very upbeat, positive and cheerful despite working the midnight graveyard shifts consecutively. (And also thank you to Jason and Raymond for following up to complete the entire customer experience) Your work and efforts matter and make a difference. I look forward to receiving the books you recommended and faciliated, viz Order No:DO18553488908 and  Order No:DO18553488908 Thank you very much! Indeed, much appreciated and will be remembered! PS. An expanded & detailed version appeared in my post on under ... thank_you_superbuy/ Yours sincerely Joshua [(Zhilong) (志龙)] Singapore (新加坡) -------

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Post time 2018-6-12 14:02:53 沙发

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